Here you will find the current schedule of classes, university news, announcements of the most interesting student events, information about accommodation in a hostel, tuition fees and scholarships, find out what scientific activities students are engaged in and you can participate yourself.

NNGASU students have a very diverse and extra-curricular activity: every year, at the end of the summer session, students will have an active and positive rest in the sports and recreation camp "Chkalovets", located on the coast of the Gorky Artificial water basin. The camp has a complex of cultural and sports facilities, including a tennis court, basketball and volleyball courts, a sports stadium.

Throughout the year, the student community of NNGASU traditionally organizes more than a hundred events: field trips, mass cultural, civil-patriotic, team-building and sports events, meetings, discussions, training sessions, additional education and much more!

Student organizations and associations will be glad to see new active participants, organizers or just spectators! Detailed information at meetings with the Department of Educational Work, the Trade Union Committee of Students and the Student Council.

The management of NNGASU stimulates students (excellent students and activists) of the university with excursion trips. So, over the past few years, NNGASU students have visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Suzdal, Yekaterinburg, Sheremetyevsky Castle, etc. In addition, the most active students have the opportunity to visit the city's theaters, circus, planetarium, as well as various concerts.

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