International Institute of Economics, Law and Management

About Our Institute

General information and Diploma acknowledgement

 International Institute of Economics, Law and Management (MIEPM) was established in 1996 on the initiative of North Rein-Westphalia State government (Germany) and N. Novgorod Region administration as a structural unit of Nizhny Novgorod University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. This is one of a few institutions of higher education in Russia that grants its students a unique opportunity to receive a diploma of higher education in Economics acknowledged in Western Europe. Partners of MIEPM are Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Aachen University of Applied Services (Germany), Zuyd University (the Netherlands) and HemnitsTechnical University (Germany). MIEPM is financed by European Union, Russian Federation Government, and the government of North Rein-Westphalia.Новое здание МИЭПМ

Perspective Employment

Graduates of MIEPM posses thorough professional knowledge in the field of corporate economics, finance, business accounting, management and marketing. Upon the judgment of foreign and Russian specialists, the students are capable to work both in Russia and abroad, either in government or commercial structures including regional and municipal bodies, ventures in different fields of economy, insurance companies, consulting joint ventures, banks, trading firms and agencies of Russian Federation and foreign companies.

The Quality of Education

MIEPM works closely with partner institutions in Germany and the Netherlands.
German and Dutch professors actively participate in education process in MIEPM. They carry out about 20% of teaching at MIEPM.
MIEMP curriculum has been designed along with partner institutions taking into account Russian and Western European requirements to Higher Economic Education.
Russian teachers, who are responsible for basic economics subjects and specialization classes, have undergone qualification apprenticeship abroad. Russian, German and Dutch teachers work closely together: give exams and credit tests, prepare lectures and seminars, manage practice, Bachelor papers and Diplomas. Some of the Russian teachers work at the partner institutions.
Education at MIEPM is practically oriented. While doing course work (term papers, projects, essays, etc.) and during their practice, students participate in solving real business tasks.

Material Resources

MIEPM offers comfortable classrooms, modern equipment and computers. MIEPM students have free Internet access and satellite TV.
MIEPM library provides modern textbooks and professional literature in Russian, English and German on both basic economic and specialization subjects. Most books are bought in Germany and the Netherlands.
MIEPM students enjoy comfortable dormitories, fitness center with swimming pools and a number of gyms, and a resort located on the beach of Gorki Sea. They are always welcome to students cafe, cafeterias and bars. MIEPM students make use of students hospital free of charge.

MIEPM Competitive Advantages
  • Concentration on studying 2 languages
  • International education, internships abroad
  • International Information Center
  • Wide use of modern technology in academic process
  • Practically oriented studies
  • Projects involving Russian and foreign companies and organization

Prospects of Development
  • Further cooperation development of MIEPM with Russian and Foreign enterprises and companies,
  • Further exchange of teachers and students between MIEPM and Foreign partner institutions within programmes DAAD, IREX, IN WENT and others.
  • Introduction of the International Magistrates in Economics,
  • Reorganization of MIEPM Management structure with participation of Foreign partner institutions,
  • Reorganization of new educational programmes with the use of distant technologies (E – Learning),
  • Expansion of international student exchange on the base of Internet club “Politeconom”.

MIEPM is engaged in educational work in the field of high, higher and additional education under license № 255697 of March 14, 2007.
Certificate of state registration № 0571 of April 5, 2007.

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